5 Questions – Melbourne Leader (22 February 2016)

5 Questions

22 February 2016

Melbourne Leader

For actor Nadine Garner 

You’ve been on screen and stage for about 30 years now. Which do you prefer?

I love both. A highlight for me was performing in the musical Cabaret on stage.

From teen to mother, which stage of your life proved the most fruitful for your acting?

I feel that I am definitely more compassionate a person since having children and I find that my capacity for empathy helps me create “character” in my work a lot more easily than I used to.

In MTC’s The Distance you play Kate. Can you describe her in three words?

Controlling, frightened, emotional.

The Distance is a play about female friendship. What’s your number one friendship deal-breaker?

Forgetting a birthday.

What did you learn about police work in your time in City Homicide?

I learned that no one really knows what a horrible job detectives do and how much pressure it places on their personal lives.

The Distance is on at Southbank Theatre March 5-April 9. Details: mtc.com.au

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1 Response to 5 Questions – Melbourne Leader (22 February 2016)

  1. Robert Marleau says:

    I just watched the happy ending I knew was coming since the first episode (I think it was first one). Often after seeing bad movies I often think I could have written a better script ( I was journalist for 30 years). I prefer happy endings and the whole cast was great. Thanks>
    PS I look quite a lot like Doctor Blake and have the same morals as his character, a little bit thinner in body and face. But I can not act at all, but do spin a good story about all the people I have met in my life as a journalist.
    I loved all of you and had tears as you both held hands and you leaned on his shoulder in bliss. Unfortunately I am an old bachelor who never experienced such bliss but am blessed instead with the loving cats I have rescued (16) and my two dogs. I could not be happier,

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