The Wedding Party – Quick Review

A few months ago I was lucky to see “The Wedding Party” before it was released. It’s a film that will not be for everyone’s liking. There are some in your face adult content moments that makes its rating worthy.

But there will be a number of people who can relate to the issues that are brought up in the film. Nadine’s character falls into this category. For many years, the issue that her character faces was considered to be an unspeakable topic, people would say ‘no way that could actually happen’ or would rather hide it.

But guess what? It is a problem and finally a film raises the issue (as was evident in the 3AW interview last week). So a big kudo to Amanda and co for finally bringing the issue to the screen.

The film opens in Australia on October 11. on limited screens, so check local guides for screening information.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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