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The Wright Stuff – The Age (22/01/94)

The Wright Stuff Saturday Extra; DIRECT ACTION SUZY FREEMAN-GREENE 22 January 1994 The AgeĀ  Film-maker Geoffrey Wright talks to SUZY FREEMAN-GREENE about video violence, Charger cars and life after `Romper Stomper’. Photograph by Cathryn Tremain.

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Young and Restless – The Sunday Age (24/04/94)

Young And Restless Agenda Peter Wilmoth 24 April 1994 Sunday Age Coming soon to a cinema near you: Aden Young has been labelled the Next Big Thing on the movie scene. Just don’t expect him to agree with the reviews.

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Catching the Newest Wave of Local Films – The Age (30/12/94)

Catching The Newest Wave Of Local Films Peter Galvin 30 December 1994 The AgeĀ  The latest batch of Australian films have promising diversity but no guarantee of success, writes Peter Galvin.

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