12 Angry People

Nadine will be taking part in The Wheeler Centre’s 12 Angry People on December 14 (8:30-9:30pm). Tickets are $20 (adults) and $12 (concession).

Adam Zwar directs a reading of the classic American film, presented in a distinctly Australian accent.

Twelve actors will inhabit the roles of twelve unnamed jurors (a cross-section of society) trapped in a sweltering New York courtroom, as they debate the innocence of a slum boy accused of killing his father. Their verdict must be unanimous – and if guilty, he will be sentenced to death. Eleven jurors are quick to condemn him, but one holds out, determined to carefully consider the evidence.

This production will be a live staged reading of the film script, with some of Australia’s most experienced actors – both men and women – inhabiting the famous roles.

12 Angry Men, a co-production between screenwriter Reginald Rose and Henry Fonda, was nominated for three Oscars, and has lived on as a perfectly formed tribute to the ideals of the western justice system – a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.

Film guru Roger Ebert calls it ‘as meticulous as an Agatha Christie thriller’ and IMDB has listed it as one of the best films of all time.

Directed by Adam Zwar, and featuring: Nadine Garner, Beth Buchanan, Lachy Hulme, Steve Bastoni, Ash Zukerman, Paul Denny, Patrick Brammall, Joy Mitchell, Kate Jenkinson, Cindy Waddingham, Bert Labonte and Leah Vandenberg.

Source: Wheeler Centre

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