Nadine on the Matt and Jennifer Relationship

Damien Richardson:


“I don’t know about the relationship between Jennifer and Matt. It’s one of those things where they work really well as a team, and they don’t necessarily think about anything of a sexual nature, or any romantic link. It appears every now and again – that feeling of ‘wait a minute, you’d be perfect!’ – but it would be dangerous to consummate that relationship. Where do you go from there? Do you have us pashing? Okay, what next? Ten we have a baby? Well, it’s not going to work. And once it’s consummated the interest gets lost and silly storylines come up. I think it’s better to let it smoulder.”


Nadine Garner:


“The writers were going to go down that road a lot earlier, but they pulled back because they thought it was too soon. We wanted to let the characters find themselves before we got them involved with each other. And I wasn’t a fan of it either. It’s much more interesting to watch two characters dance around each other than to have it as a done deal. If you think of all the successful on-screen partnerships that have never really been consummated, like Scully and Mulder in The X Files, you kind of know they love each other beyond something normal. It doesn’t have to be played out for the audience to know there are deep feelings.”


TV Week - November 17, 2007 issue

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