City Homicide returns June 30

A new year equals new challenges for our young Homicide detectives.

Someone will leave. Other familiar faces return. Risks are taken. Some pay off. Others claim a shocking price. Romance blossoms. Partnerships die. New villains emerge. Old bodies are uncovered. Keen young detectives are driven to the edge. The challenge is not to fall off.

CITY HOMICIDE, the Number One Australian drama, returns to Seven in 2008 featuring its stellar cast of four ambitious detectives played by Nadine Garner, Daniel MacPherson, Aaron Pedersen and Damien Richardson.

Told through the eyes of these detectives and their superiors, seasoned performers Shane Bourne and Noni Hazlehurst, CITY HOMICIDE weaves crime and character, action and emotion into vivid tapestries that capture the gripping atmosphere of a homicide squad. The intelligent, intriguing tales and stylish sleuthing are back, action-packed and deliciously blood-spattered.

2008 holds even more dramatic developments in store for our focussed, flawed and fundamentally human detectives.

Shadows from Duncan Freeman’s (Aaron Pedersen) undercover past are about to catch up with him… Are they aiming to kill Duncan’s career, or him?

A fresh outlook on life leads to romance for Matt Ryan (Damien Richardson)… however Jennifer’s reaction isn’t what he expects at all…

Jennifer Mapplethorpe (Nadine Garner) becomes obsessed with the one that got away… and faces a tough call between kids and career.

Giving Homicide a second chance, Simon Joyner (Daniel MacPherson) resumes skirt-chasing. Finding courage under fire, however, is a much tougher battle.

Superintendent Waverley (Noni Hazlehurst) handles the media hordes and stroppy cops with ease… but her son’s new wild side could derail her career…

And Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe’s (Shane Bourne) marriage savagely passes the point of no return… could a professional, intimate liaison help him to heal his wounds?

With every case following its own distinctive, twisted blueprint, the team continues to ensure that every victim, and every loved one left behind, counts. No greater commitment. No greater duty. No Greater Honour.

City Homicide: Their day begins when your days end.

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