Antennae – SMH (12/08/91)

The Guide
Jacqueline Lee Lewes
12 August 1991
Sydney Morning Herald

SHOOTING began in Melbourne last week of the Australian end of the second series of The Boys From The Bush, which is being co-produced by Australian-based Entertainment Media (run by Peter Beilby, Robert Le Tet and Fred Schepisi) and Cinema Verity in England. Two episodes of the 10-part series have already been filmed in England.


Channel Seven was involved in the first 10-part series which has yet to be screened here. According to Seven, it hasn’t got a timeslot available. To show the 10 episodes it would have to pull programs such as Beyond 2000 and Fast Forward, and in light of their ratings success, it isn’t prepared to do that just yet. As for the second series, although Seven isn’t involved in its production, it hasn’t ruled out buying the series which is being screened on the BBC in England.


It stars Chris Haywood, Nadine Garner, Pat Thomson, Kris McQuade, Kirsty Child and Lisa Kelly with English actors Tim Healy and Mark Haddigan.

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