Nadine mum on City Homicide

Nadine Garner ‘mum’ on City Homicide

By David Knox

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Nadine Garner from the waist up next year. She’s expecting her second child -not due until after the City Homicide begins shooting its third series.

Before filming on series two ended in October she says crew already had to start compensating for her growing bulge.


“It got a bit hairy toward the end there,” she said. “I was being whisked away by wardrobe to be changed into something that was a little more disguising. But we got away with it. There was a little bit of folder acting and a lot of desk work!”


Next year will be an even trickier challenge for everyone.


“I really will be on the phone!” she laughed. “A lot.”


Garner says Seven still has eight episodes of the drama up its sleeve, held in stockpile after Seven had already won the ratings year.


“They thought ‘well we’re not going to waste any more brand new episodes, so we’ll hold those back for next year,’ which I’ve got mixed feelings about whether that’s the right thing to do,” she said.


“There’s 2 or 3 really hard-hitting that we thought were going to close series 2, that have been pushed to next year.”
The third series will also see an additional cast member joining the State Police.


“I’ve got a female colleague coming on board for the next series which will be really great. A new actress called Nadia Townsend joining the team, so I won’t be the only gal.”

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