Babble On – The Age (07/12/94)

Babble On
Tempo; Babble On
Janice Breen Burns
07 December 1994
The Age


In spite of our dominant cultural reverence for sex ‘n’ splatter theatrics by the Stallones, Stones and Schwarzeneggers of the world, is it still possible for a person to get all prickly and shivery in the spinal region at the mere thought of a rip-snorter romance or a swash-buckling sort of tragedy, played out before their dancing eyes by real actors? If a fragrant whiff of real flowers was added, the light caress of a real summer breeze, some real grass and real trees and real stars; is it possible? Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, directed by Glenn Elston and starring Nadine Garner, Jack Finsterer, Evelyn Krape, Phil Sumner and Rhys Muldoon, will be played out in the Royal Botanic Gardens on the Observatory site (entry by gate opposite the Shrine) at 8pm from tomorrow for a series of previews until 19 December.


The official opening night on 20 December starts a season intended to run until the end of April. Bookings through the Athenaeum 650 1500 or over the counter at BASS. Preview prices are cheaper than seasonal prices.

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